Friday, July 29, 2011

What We Won't Do

You Know You're a Mom When, For Fifteen Minutes of Uninterrupted Quiet, You Will...

10. Let your kids draw all over themselves with pen
9. Let your eighteen month old "call" your sister then leave the two of them "talking" while you go and take a shower
8. Let your eighteen month old pour spices and coffee grounds on the counter, then push them onto the floor (This really only bought me around three minutes of quiet and ten minutes of cleanup)
7. Tell your four year old she has to clean her room so she'll go play quietly without trying to draw you in to her game
6. Let your kids watch the video players in the car while you do a quick bathroom cleaning before you head to the grocery store
5. Teach your five year old how to say, "Sorry, wrong number," in case her random dialing on the family phone actually produces contact with a person
4. Let your eighteen month old slam on the keys of your computer until all the settings are irreversibly changed
3. Let your kids flood the bathroom sink and splash around in the water on the floor
2. Let your daughters make shaving cream soup in the kitchen sink
1. Let the kids squirt the windshield washer fluid on the car until its running out of the garage like a river